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[1021] kUcrLMHnZwQ
Name: Heriberto
Date: 03/25 19:50
How do I get an outside line? **:// hydrea and alcohol Marlin saved itself by facing a truth that few threatened manufacturers can stomach: It was failing because it had gotten everything wrong. It had the wrong customers; it had the wrong products; it had the wrong prices. Greenblatt realized--just in time--that even wire baskets could be innovative. The simplicity of Marlin's technology is not what we typically associate with innovation--there's no algorithm, no microchip, no touch screen. Instead, Marlin learned how its products could help its customers, providing the quiet innovation that can give a fellow U.S. factory a critical edge and help keep jobs in the United States.


-kUcrLMHnZwQ [Heriberto] (03/25 19:50)
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